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When it comes to your urgent care endeavor, success is the only option. Why risk that success when you can partner with Urgent Care Consultants for all of your startup or enhancement needs. With over a century of combined experience, UCC can help ensure your center’s location, funding and reimbursements are set up for success.  To see how UCC has helped others like you, hover over the biggest risk below.


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When your family’s future depends on your business decisions, why risk it on poor funding?

Your family depends on you. Their stability and future will be a direct result of the efforts you make today. The first step to opening your urgent care is obtaining the necessary funding. Our detailed financial pro forma projects capital needs for your startup phase, along with a projection of your first seven years of operation.

You spend your whole life saving for retirement. Don’t let choosing the wrong location put you behind.

Choosing the right location can make or break your urgent care success. UCC has developed a custom algorithm that uses site science to determine if your desired location has a strong enough potential for success. We will analyze population, demographics, crime statistics and competition in your targeted area.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it worrying about business operations.

Urgent Care Consultants has developed a proprietary list of more than 1,000 tasks that are necessary in order to successfully open a new urgent care. Our team will help guide you through all of your operations needs while staying on track with a timeline centered around your opening date. From floor plans and procedures, to purchasing, staffing and training, we will take the guesswork out of your operational needs.

When your reputation is on the line, don’t risk it with a second-rate business plan.

A detailed business plan is necessary when presenting to potential investors. By incorporating innovative industry methods, UCC will help you build a plan that includes financial and investment summaries, analysis of your location and competition, and strategies for marketing and advertising. As a team, we can build a business plan that will launch your success.

It costs a lot of money to run an urgent care. Don’t let your contracts affect your bank account.

Without the proper contracts, your center cannot operate successfully. UCC helps map insurers in your area to make sure you will receive high enough reimbursements to sustain your business. We will help identify any barriers you may face when obtaining the contracts you need to add dollars to your center.