Developing an urgent care center from the ground up isn’t easy! It takes months of planning and hundreds of important decisions. Missing a step can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right partners along the way. Urgent Care Consultants will help you plan and execute a successful center. Everything from financial planning to compliance guidance, our team of experts will give you the tools to make sure your urgent care is ready to go live.

Site Analysis

When choosing a location for your urgent care, there are many things to take into consideration. Picking the wrong location could result in revenue loss, as it may not be accessible to patients or in an over-saturated area.

Our custom algorithm helps determine if a site location has a strong enough potential for business success. So before you even begin facility renovations, we will be able to tell you the viability of the site and project patient volume.

The algorithm collects information from our robust database to compare statistics of other similar successful clinics while analyzing population, demographics, crime statistics and competition in your target area. With Urgent Care Consultants, you will have the information you need to choose the best location

Business and Financial Planning

An important step to opening your urgent care center is obtaining the necessary funding, which is why we place a large emphasis on completing a comprehensive business plan and financial pro forma.

Your business plan will be a vital component of your presentation to banks and investors. We will help you articulate your mission statement and cast a vision for your center, along with an investment summary, market and industry analysis, required sources for funding and financial summary, all to make sure that you secure the necessary funding.

Alongside our detailed business plan, we have also developed a comprehensive financial analysis pro forma that will project financial needs for your startup phase, along with a projection of your first seven years of operations. Our experts will help determine your required startup capital, breakeven analysis and projected income and cash flow statements.

Contracting & Credentialing

Navigating the world of payer contracts and provider credentialing can be a long, tedious process that can result in many days of frustration. Without the proper contracts, your center won’t be able to operate successfully and bring in needed revenue to keep you open.

That’s why you need a partner who can map the insurers in your area and anticipate if you will receive high enough reimbursement to sustain your business. Our in-house contracting and credentialing team can anticipate any barriers you may face when obtaining the contracts you need to add dollars to your center.

Our contracting and credentialing experts are available to answer questions, walk you through the contracting and credentialing process, and can assist with obtaining the payer mix. Have peace of mind knowing that your reimbursement rates and contracts are running smoothly with the experts on your side.

Center Operations

We have developed a proprietary list of more than 1,000 tasks necessary to successfully open a new urgent care, complete with a timeline centered around your open date. We know the effort it takes to open your first center, so our experts are here to guide you through all of your operation needs from floor plans and procedures, to purchasing, staffing, and training.

Urgent Care Consultants also guides urgent care centers towards meeting the requirements for HIPAA, OSHA and CLIA compliance. We provide urgent care policies and procedures manuals, training documents and forms, as well as delving into the myriad of individual state regulations as they apply to in-house laboratory requirements. This helps your new urgent care center to be compliant and meet the insurance company conditions to ensure maximum reimbursement in a timely fashion.

Pediatric Urgent Care

When planning for pediatric urgent cares, there is a distinction in operations and preparations. You need a consulting partner who understands the differences from traditional urgent care and will give you specific industry insight.

The Urgent Care Consultants team has experience in pediatric urgent care staffing models and hours of operations, in addition to all other urgent care consulting services.

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