When you decide it’s time to start adding more locations, the process can be intimidating. You have to make decisions that will impact the health of your current center. Whether you are looking to expand organically or acquire an already established urgent care, we can help you determine the best path for success.


Are you looking to add more locations to your urgent care center? The experts at Urgent Care Consultants can help! We know what profitable and manageable growth looks like, and it all begins with a strong foundation to build on as your plan for the future. In addition to making sure your current clinic is running efficiently, we also work to verify that your next center will be a success.

We perform market assessments to predict volume and viability, so you can know what to expect from the next location. Our custom algorithm will help predict growth and volume, area demographics, and give you industry insights. You can step into the future with confidence, and we will work together to create a strategic plan for your growth.

Another factor to consider when expanding is contracting and credentialing. If you cannot get the contracts from payers, then that could detrimentally hurt your center’s future. Urgent Care Consultants has direct access to experts in urgent care contracting and credentialing, helping you consider the potential revenue for a center.

Urgent Care Consultants will also perform a competitive analysis for a future center. While you may think the market is fine, the urgent care industry can quickly become oversaturated in areas. Our analysis will help analyze competitors in the desired market and evaluate based on location, the scope of services, and community perception.


When it doesn’t make sense to build from the ground up, acquiring an already established urgent care center could be the solution you have been looking for. If you are interested in growth by way of acquisition, Urgent Care Consultants will help you identify potential risk factors that need to be considered.

Urgent Care Consultants can help find the right acquisition candidate in your desired market. Our team will perform due diligence on the revenue cycle management of the target urgent care, by performing a review of the billing practices, payer contracts, coding audits, and financials of the center to give stakeholders transparency of the acquisition. Our years of industry insight will help you make an intelligent and profitable selection.

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