Urgent Care Center
Operational Efficiency

We understand how tough it is to make sure your urgent care is operating efficiently and successfully. In addition to providing excellent care to patients, you also have to consider revenue, expenses, and the overall financial performance of your urgent care. If you are not seeing the advancements or revenue you planned for, then it might be time to consider ways to enhance your operations. You are not alone in your struggle. Urgent Care Consultants will help you develop a plan to make sure you are running efficiently.

Our operational effectiveness solutions include strategies to improve your current center and opportunities to provide additional services, making sure your center is profitable without hurting your bottom line.

Improvements to Your Center

Is your center operating to its fullest potential? Urgent Care Consultants offers services to help make sure your urgent care is running optimally and smoothly. There are many tactics to help improve the efficiency of a center to reach optimum revenue.

Our experts will walk you through a step-by-step approach that will verify your center is maximizing both space and revenue. Our onsite review will analyze workflows, standard operating procedures, and staffing models. We also offer a full financial review of your center, breaking down all criteria to have a full understanding of your urgent care and identify problem areas. This includes a review of salaries and wages, coding, and days in A/R to determine areas of overspending and sources of missing revenue.

Urgent Care Consultants will walk you through practical ways to improve your operations and give you benchmarks as to where you should be. Our industry insight and experience will be able to help your center experience the growth you have always wanted to see.

Offering Additional Services

You can drive more revenue for your center, without hurting your bottom line, by adding ancillary services to your urgent care. Through the addition of occupational medicine or primary care, you can drive more traffic for your center just by utilizing the tools and equipment you already have! Urgent Care Consultants will guide you through the process. Everything from suggested hours to staffing, our experts will help you create a plan for success.

Occupational Medicine

Open up your revenue streams with occupational medicine services. Offering services to employers such as work-related injury or illness treatment, pre-placement screening, drug and alcohol testing, and other types of exams and immunizations can add to your profits. With over two decades of occupational medicine experience, we can help ensure sufficient preparation and a smooth transition.

Not only will you be building strong relationships in the community, you will also be helping employers keep their employees in a good, healthy condition by making sure they are ready and able to work. The best part about adding occupational medicine services is that it drives maximum efficiency for your center. Urgent care centers can offer these services with little impact on salaries and wages, the largest urgent care expense. Simply put, adding occupational health services allows you to cultivate additional revenue with the resources you already have.

Primary Care

If you have great providers on staff, they will help drive return visits from patients. With a large percentage of millennials not having a primary care provider and areas with a growing primary care shortage, offering a convenient primary care option for patients will boost patient volumes.

Urgent Care Consultants will be there to make the addition painless, giving you all the tools needed to get this service up and running. This cost-effective solution will maximize your revenue without needing to add more resources.

Ready to improve your operational efficiency?