Sometimes urgent care acquisitions makes more sense than starting from scratch.


In some cases, urgent care acquisitions—not reinventing the wheel—make more sense than building something new from the ground up. Entrepreneurs generally succeed using this strategy while suffering far fewer financial difficulties than the typical startup. The key lies in identifying centers that exhibit symptoms of falling short of their potential. These can be purchased at an attractive price and quickly improved to boost profits to their optimal level.

Urgent Care Consultants can help find the right urgent care acquisition candidate in your desired market. Our years of industry insight will promote an intelligent and profitable selection.

Let’s explore some indicators of a profitable urgent care acquisition:

Poorly managed urgent cares in a promising location can benefit from personnel that can make strategic business decisions. Ask yourself, “Can I make this operation profitable by applying my industry know-how?”


Urgent cares that display poor efficiencies can be improved by renovating processes for staffing, purchasing, or treatment.

Some urgent cares suffer from poor brand management and marketing. Implementation of expert marketing, advertising and branding can drastically improve the clinic’s performance.


Urgent cares that have gone out of business offer an interesting opportunity if you can identify what caused them to close their doors. You can capitalize on the existing clinic build-out as well as bargaining power over a landlord with no tenant. You better move quickly!

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