Use occupational medicine to boost revenue without increasing costs!

Occupational medicine in urgent care continues to grow as healthcare costs continue to rise. Offering services such as work-related injury or illness treatment, pre-placement screening, drug and alcohol testing, and other types of exams and immunizations can add to your profits without costing you. Through occupational medicine you help employers in your community manage their greatest resource—human capital—which increasing the change for financial success for both the employer and your urgent care clinic.

But how does occupational medicine so positively impact the bottom line?
One word: Efficiency. Urgent care centers can offer these services with little impact on salaries and wages, the largest urgent care expense. Simply put, adding occupational health services allows you to cultivate additional revenue with the resources you already have.

Urgent Care Consultants combines more than two decades of occupational medicine experience to facilitate smooth implementation of additional services. Don’t worry about OSHA Reporting or DOT regulations any longer!

Let Urgent Care Consultants help you:


Identify Service Lines

Coordinate Vendors

Develop Marketing Strategies


Draft Sample Forms

Procure Equipment


Comply with Regulations


Seek Corporate Markets and Much More!

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