From Startup to Success – Delta Urgent Care

From Startup to Success – Delta Urgent Care

Listen to testimonial from the owners of Delta Urgent Care in Houma, LA & Bayou Vista, LA. Another successful practice under the tutelage of Urgent Care Consultants. They just cut the ribbon on a brand new urgent care!

Video Transcript

You can’t do this nearly as efficiently, quickly, smoothly without having some direction. There are so many aspects of opening this type of facility.

Certainly a lot involved in opening up an urgent care – a lot more than we had even imagined.

There’s a whole lot that’s involved in getting a business of any kind started – particularly a medical business, which is complicated. But to try to do that alone would require tons of research, a lot of hours, and money as well. And I would definitely recommend using a consultant who’s done it many times before. Bonnie’s great! She takes a lot of interest in not only the business aspect, but has been a friend and is just interested in us as people. So, it’s been really nice working with her.

We’ll call her or she’ll get in touch with us and see how things are going; make sure there isn’t anything we have questions about or any needs – she’s always been there.

We began talking with Bonnie maybe even over two years ago when we first started thinking about opening our first clinic. And here we are, like I said, over two years later and we hit the ground running. We were seeing numbers that were above what we had expected.

This morning we had our ribbon cutting for our second location, and Bonnie flew down to be with us from Illinois – all the way down to Louisiana to be at our ribbon cutting. So that kind of tells you the kind of person she is. It makes you feel good. It lets us know that she’s interested in us and she’s interested in us succeeding for the long term.

It’s a great feeling having a second location now. Certainly it’s just the response from local people. We feel like it’s going to be a great asset to the community around us here.

I would definitely recommend starting with a consultant group – someone who’s been there before, done that, they already made the mistakes and they can definitely guide you in the right direction.

If you’ve never done it, it would take much longer and you would muddle your way through. You’d probably spend a lot more money making those mistakes without having someone to tell you, “Ok, you need to do XYZ.”

I think Bonnie and Urgent Care Consultants – they are the ones to compare everyone else to. I would certainly highly recommend them.

From Startup to Success – Apex Urgent Care

From Startup to Success – Apex Urgent Care

Listen to testimonial from the owners of Apex Urgent Care in Katy, Texas. Another successful practice under the tutelage of Urgent Care Consultants!

Video Transcript

Urgent care, when you compare it to the different specialties and offered a wide variety of patient cases, so it promised a future of never having a boring day. It really just appealed to me – being in the clinic, the fast pace, lots of different patients, as well as being able to fix their problems in the short term – getting that feeling that you’re really helping people feel better.

Well, I like it. It’s a lot of autonomy. You can decide to do what you want to do on your own. There’s flexibility in your schedule. In the springtime, doing what you like doing; spending time with family also too. There are challenges being on your own also too, but it’s exciting. I like the challenge.

Well, starting the clinic from the ground up you definitely need some help. We were looking for a company that had experience in helping people like us start from the ground up. So, we were looking for the best consultants that we could find.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I knew I had ways to start an urgent care, but I had no idea where to start from; literally I had no idea.

But they help us assess neighborhoods and assess building sites so that we know that we’re going to pick a location that has enough people living around it so that we can have a good start.

Staffing models, getting the policy procedural manuals – I mean,they’ve been very, very helpful. They were very supportive, even to the point where you can apply EMR. They were not pushy. They gave me all the options available. So, they’re very patient, easy to get to, very approachable. I must say I really don’t think we’ll be hearing enough from them. That’s the honest truth.

Being just a provider and taking care of patients, there really isn’t a lot of education in medical school or a lot of training during residency about how to negotiate and how to discuss the contracting aspect with the insurance companies. So, there were a lot of surprises and a lot of things we just weren’t educated on that we really relied heavily on Bonnie’s expertise.

I learned a lot more because being on my own, practicing medicine, you don’t meddle in those things. You just do your medicine and move on. But I’ve learned to become a better manager with the urgent care team helping me out.

They really made things simple in the sense that when we have questions about how things are supposed to go, they have the experience to give us proper answers.

Initially starting up an urgent care clinic – it’s growing pains. You have to market to get into the right location. It takes a while to grow. It takes a while for people to know you’re in the community. But we’ve been here for about a year and a half now and numbers have picked up considerably.

They’ve really walked us through the steps from the beginning to where we are now, here over a year later. We’ve grown from seeing five patients a day to some days seeing almost thirty.

I can tell you this for certain – urgent care – I came into this business with no idea, no experience at all whatsoever, but getting in contact with Ms. Bonnie and the company has really been able to help me through the whole process.

Biggest advice for somebody who’s about to embark on this journey of opening your own urgent care would be to do a lot of preparation ahead of time and that means researching the business in general, but also researching your support team because it’s not a task that you can do on your own. You are really going to have a better shot at succeeding if you’ve got a correct team like Urgent Care Consultants.

From Startup to Success – TexPress Urgent Care

From Startup to Success – TexPress Urgent Care

Video Transcript

I’ve always wanted to kind of be my own boss. The previous two companies I worked for went corporate, and they always try to do what’s best for them and not necessarily for you or for the patient. And I wanted to start something that I could be proud of.

I live in College Station, Texas, and so I decided that about an hour drive is what I’d be willing to do. And when I came across Urgent Care Consultants, they helped get me in touch with Jim Garrett of the National UC Realty, and we did survey spots on five different places. And once we looked at how everything gridded out, we decided on Huntsville.

I’ve never been in business so I had no idea going in how much that entailed – the startup costs, the ongoing costs, the salaries, the budgets for marketing, the cash flows. I learned what EBITDA was along the way. They gave me ideas. I actually asked them how much square footage I’d need. They gave me the average ranges; I don’t remember how many hundreds of clinics they’ve opened, and so they were able to give me actual numbers of their larger and their smaller end. And they also were the ones that got me in touch with the builder, Midland Construction. And I don’t know how many hundreds of clinics they’ve opened as well, but they were always able to give advice and say they’ve done it this way there, we did it this way there that worked well.

Well, when you walk in our doors I want people to be greeted. That’s actually one of the policies here is for the front office to stand and greet the patients when they come in the door and welcome them to TexPress Urgent Care. I want them to feel like they should be here, feel welcome. We want it to be comfortable. We have wireless internet available to all our patients. We have DirecTV’s in every room. We want them to be as comfortable as possible. And we also want them to get the best care obviously. And so, I’ve worked with all the Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners that work here as well as myself staffing here, and we’ve all had tremendous ER experience, so we feel very comfortable with everything we see here, as well as probably more that most urgent cares might not see. We’ve treated head injuries that we’ve sent out for CT scans and had them come back that they were unwilling to go to the ER. We’ve ordered ultrasound outpatients to rule out testicular torsion when the patient refused to go to the emergency room.

My plan was to start an urgent care, so pretty much I would have been lost without them. And they’ve been great. They’re easily accessible. They help me with things I didn’t even know I was going to need help with; anything from the performa, to the business plan, to little things that I never would have even thought of until it would have been too late – from making signs, to ordering office supplies, to getting me in touch with group purchasing organizations. Just, there’s so many details. The checklists were really nice to have, and just being able to call them up or text them and having them there and feeling like you know them, and almost as if they were your friends, which they actually have become. It’s nice to be able to call them and ask for help.

The one thing I actually did like about Urgent Care Consultants is that they were tied to Practice Velocity. And I knew that up front and they didn’t hide their connections. So, if you always ask, “Why does somebody do this? Where do they get theirs?” and I felt like the more clinics I open and the better they do, the more likely I am to use more electronic medical records. And I actually did research multiple EMR’s and I did decide on Practice Velocity. And I didn’t ever feel like Urgent Care Consultants pressured me to use them. I had the discount, which obviously enticed me to do it. But once I researched them, this was the only one I found that was made specific for urgent care, so you’re not paying for a lot of features that you don’t need that you might need in a hospital or you might need in a primary care office. Everything you need is on there and everything on there you need.

One – if you don’t have a business background I can tell you that you won’t be able to figure it out yourself – not in a timely manner and not without wrecking your marriage or your lifestyle. And two – if you’re on the fence about doing it, go for it, but definitely have a consultant to do it with you. With Urgent Care Consultants, the one-time fee, no matter how many you open. They are not just trying to get your money. They want you to do well because that helps them help you. They are not going to charge you more if you do well or charge you more if you don’t do well.

From Startup to Success: BestMed Urgent Care – Lumberton, TX

From Startup to Success: BestMed Urgent Care – Lumberton, TX

Listen to testimonial from BestMed Urgent Care in Lumberton, TX. Just one year into opening a new urgent care center under the tutelage of Urgent Care Consultants, BestMed has seen over 9000 patients!  They have also surpassed over 40 patients per day.  Congratulations!

Video Transcript

I’ve been a Practicing Emergency Medicine Physician for the past thirteen years. I chose to go into urgent care because I wanted to have a place close by for me, something I could do that wasn’t working in the hospital, and really just a change of pace.

He approached me with wanting to start an urgent care. There’s a lot of need in the community – a lot of rural area.

I did a Google search, contacted Urgent Care Consultants, spoke to someone that very same day, immediately loved what I was hearing, got involved from the get-go, and with them, six months later was able to produce a new urgent care clinic.

Well, our first trip to Illinois to meet with Dr. Stern, Dr. Jeff Thompson and myself had a couple of places that we thought would be great locations just based on our personal research and traffic because we live in the area. And so, when we went to propose these two locations, Dr. Stern, he looked us in the eye and made us tell him why we thought this location would be a great location. And so, we thought that we told him why we had a great location – our initial location. And then he spent the next ten minutes telling us how our thinking was not based on an urgent care flow of traffic – based on hospital.

I would probably be in a different location if I had not listened to their advice early on. And that location area now has four urgent cares within a mile and a half area. So, I’m glad to be a little bit away, and I think their help led us to success.

This physical plant was an old Aaron’s facility – Aaron’s rental facility – and it had been vacant for about seven years. It was an eyesore for the community. We did some work on the outside. Urgent Care Consultants helped us with some of the design – what attracts a person’s eyes as you drive by, advertising, all of it. They’ve been instrumental in every step of the stage of creating our clinic.

When we set things up, they’re very good at helping you develop things from the get-go. It’s not a matter of just, “All right, we’ll help you build it up. Here are your manuals. Good luck.” It’s looking into the area, evaluation for the market that’s there, helping you develop a marketing plan, helping you develop your budgets for the short-term and long-term.

Urgent Care Consultants actually gave us guidelines as to what – based on our demographic population and the hours of operation for local hospitals, other clinics in the area, even doctor’s offices – they helped us tailor our hours of operation to maximize patient throughput.

We came in estimating that we’d start with 10-15 patients and over the course of nine months, get ourselves to a point where we were seeing 30 patients a day. Within the first month we were seeing 30 patients a day.

We have a lot of outlying areas that don’t have adequate access to healthcare, and BestMed Urgent Care – based on the tutelage of Urgent Care Consultants and getting this location – we’re able to draw patients and provide quality care for those who otherwise would have to drive even further. We would not be as successful in our first location choice. This was our second, and it has done very well for us and we’re very pleased. I don’t even dare to fathom the complexity that the physical plant of our urgent care today would be had it not been for the guidance of Urgent Care Consultants.

The most valuable part of the relationship with Urgent Care Consultants is two-fold: one is their past history. They’ve done this with a lot of different people who were in the same position that I was who were interested but didn’t know where to start at first. They have that long track record. But two, there’s a personal touch. Dealing with Heather and Bonnie has been a tremendous, wonderful experience.

We just recently had a Southwest conference, and I was able to walk into a corner and Bonnie and Heather and the other team sees me and they recognize me personally. It’s not just that they’re wanting me to buy in to a system and then they’re off to the next sale; they actually take ownership in our success. And I believe that that relationship is tantamount to why we are a success today.

You’re working in the hospitals?

Yes. Yes, I’m still a full-time Emergency Medicine Physician. I work at three different hospitals. I think working in an urgent care and owning an urgent care is very conducive to an Emergency Medicine Physician’s lifestyle. I think partnering with the right mid-levels is important, but more importantly partnering with the right company that’s going to help you every step of the way so that you can still do what you do, which is practice emergency medicine. I’m looking forward to when I wind down from emergency medicine and transitioning into full-time work at the urgent care. Hopefully by then we’ll have two or three locations, so I’ll get to work at different places.

I have no doubt that Urgent Care Consultants will be instrumental in us selecting a site that’s appropriate, that would be best for the community and for BestMed Urgent Care. They’ve always been there for us days, nights, and weekends, and I expect that that relationship will continue to grow and improve throughout the next decade.