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Henry Schein Med Expo: MedPod & Horiba

Henry Schein Med Expo: MedPod & Horiba

Henry Schein Med Expo: Alere

Henry Schein Med Expo: Alere

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Slow Months of Urgent Care: Staying Busy

Every urgent care has been there: slow patient volume, and not enough work to keep staff members busy. Even though the slow months can often lead to frustration, it is also a perfect time to catch up on tasks that may get pushed to the wayside. We want your staff...

Higher Volume Injury in the Summer Months

Summer is here, which means families are out hiking, biking, and kids will be participating in summer sports, potentially bringing more injuries to your urgent care center. Your center will most likely see a decrease in flu/cold visits and an influx of injuries...

What to Consider Before Your Urgent Care Expands

If your urgent care center has been open and operating for some time, you may be considering expanding to additional locations. Whether you’re looking to simply bring in more revenue or compete with other centers in the area, enhancing your center through expansion...