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If you’re not seeing the urgent care growth you’d planned at your center, you’re not alone. Many urgent care startups are as profitable as planned (or as profitable as you’d like to be). The good news is there are many tactics at your disposal to help grow your enterprise and increase revenue.

Acquisition of other urgent care clinics may be in the cards, or building new centers. You could add services such as occupational medicine. Other “low hanging fruit” ideas for urgent care growth: Improve operational efficiency of your clinics and drive more traffic through your doors.

The key is having a solid, well-informed game plan. The experts at Urgent Care Consultants have the experience and industry insight to analyze your urgent care operations and markets to develop a plan for profitable urgent care growth solutions. Let us show you how.

Mistake #22: Ignoring Ancillary Income Sources

Mistake #22: Ignoring Ancillary Income Sources

Ancillary income can account for up to twenty-five percent of the income of your startup urgent care center. Finding appropriate ancillary sources can improve profitability and provide improved patient care and customer service in urgent care.


We look at all the factors and develop a plan.


Get your urgent care started on the right foot.


Is it a business move you should consider?

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